Pipe Cleaner Elephant Step by Step Tutorial – Easy instructions with pictures (1 hour project for beginners)

This little pipe cleaner elephant will take about an hour to make.  pipe cleaner elephant

  1. Start with legs by grabbing a pen and wrapping a single pipe cleaner around it, keeping the coils tightly together.  At the end of the coil leave a small end to stick out.  Make 4 of these.
  2. With the ends that are sticking out on each leg, attach each leg to another so you have two pairs of legs.IMG_0673
  3. Create the body by making a rounded box out of a single pipe cleaner.  Start wrapping additional pipe cleaners around the box from bottom to top to start filling it in.  Leave a little bit of space at the top to allow for access later on.
  4. Fill in the bottom of the body by weaving some pipe cleaners back and forth.IMG_0679
  5. Attach a pipe cleaner to the place where the legs were connected in pairs and feed that through the body from the bottom to the top.  Attach this pipe to the frame of the body to hold the legs firmly in place.
  6. To create the trunk, use a very skinny pen, or just the ink container from inside the pen, to coil two pipe cleaners very tightly.  Feed a single pipe cleaner through the trunk and leave a small portion outside the trunk that will be used to attach it later on to the head.  Bend to the desired shape.
  7. Make two loops to create a somewhat spherical head.  Attach the trunk to the front of the face by affixing it to the frame at the back of the head.
  8. Fill in the coloring of the head, starting at the bottom and working your way up, all the way to the top.IMG_0689
  9. To create the ears, make a loop with one pipe cleaner and continue to add smaller and smaller loops inside it.  Leave at least 2 ends at the base of the ear to allow attaching it to the head.
  10. Pop the ears onto the head and throw some googly eyes on him to finish this pipe cleaner animal.


Here are some more pictures of this finished pipe cleaner (chenille stem) elephant.


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