Very Easy Pipe Cleaner Spider – 20 minute beginner project for kids

  1. Start with 8 red pipe cleaners and bend them all in half.IMG_1287
  2. Twist each one several times until they are tightly coiled.IMG_1289
  3. Group them all together with the same orientation (folded end on one side and the pointy ends on the other).
  4. Wrap a black pipe cleaner around the pointed end side of the bunch.IMG_1290
  5. Bend each of the red pipe cleaners outward at about 45 degrees starting at the border of the black pipe cleaner.IMG_1291
  6. Bend again downward about 1 fourth of the way toward the end of each leg so they nearly point straight down.
  7. Give the legs one last bend near the end to make them all point roughly straight down.

That’s it!  You now have a creepy pipe cleaner spider.


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