Pipe Cleaner Penguin in 10 Easy Steps – Step by Step Instructions (Intermediate 3 Hour Project)

pipe cleaner penguin side
pipe cleaner penguin side view
  1. With a white pipe cleaner, make a thin rectangle with rounded sides.  This will be the sides, top and bottom of the penguin body.  IMG_0898
  2. Add additional pipes to round out the front and back of the body.
  3. Fold 3 yellow pipe cleaners in half and cut at the halfway point.  Fold all six of these pipes in half again and tie near the pointy end very tightly.  Bend the rounded ends to create the feet/toes and coil another yellow pipe cleaner from anke to to the first tie.
  4. Insert the legs inside the body through the opening at the bottom of the body. Secure to the sides of the body and bend slightly to make them appear straight underneath the body.
  5. Fill in the back and from with black pipe cleaners from side to side (not top to bottom).  Do not weave, rather use a single length of pipe cleaner for each row.  IMG_0917
  6. Create wings with one black and one yellow pipe cleaner per wing.  Curve slightly and set the yellow pipe cleaner inside the black, securing in place by twisting each side of the wing one rotation.
  7. Cut the extra length off the pointy end of the wings and insert into the body.  Curve slightly forward and down to give a better effect.
  8. Add a few loops in the general shape of the head and beak.  Fold a red pipe cleaner in half and insert the rounded end into the end of the beak.  Hold in place and secure to the back of the head.
  9. Fill in any gaps in the head with black pipe cleaners and add a small white “staple” to each side for additional coloring.

    pipe cleaner penguin face
    pipe cleaner penguin face
  10. Make a zig zag pattern with a black pipe cleaner and insert into the lower back of the body to make the tail feather.

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