Pipe Cleaner kiwi bird – Easy step by step instructions with pictures

This kiwi is an easy beginner level pipe cleaner animal.  It can be completed in 1-2 hours and the steps are quite simple.  There are just 10 easy steps and pictures are included for reference.

  1. We first need to create a sphere.  To do this, create 2 circles and bind them together.  on each side.
  2. Add a third circle by wrapping a pipe cleaner around the first 2, attaching to each pipe as you go around.
  3. Squeeze one end to make it a bit pointed to get the shape for the head.
  4. Bend the middle pipe back toward the opposite end of the head so each side is curved.  IMG_1553
  5. Add a few more supports by attaching 2 pipes around the back end, attached to the curved pipe.
  6. Add a pipe around the pointed part we created for the head to keep it in place, and add a few more connections from this new circle to the curved pipe.
  7. Starting on the pointed end, weave a spiral of pipe cleaners around and around until you get all the way to the other end.
  8. Create the legs by bending a pink pipe cleaner in half, then bending back and forth for the toes.  Bend another back for the back toe and wrap around the middle and twist both ends together tightly.
  9. Attach the legs to the bottom of the body.
  10. Create a beak by folding a pink pipe cleaner in half.  Insert this beak in the middle of the pointed end of the face. IMG_1568

That’s it!  Enjoy your kiwi!


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